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940 Saturdays …

That cant be right, I never did the math but someone on Pinterest did and that number low as it seems to have surprised me.

940 Saturdays is what you get from the time your child is born until they turn 18. Those 3 digits resonated with me… MAKE THE MOMENTS COUNT. Be together, get messy, have fun, talk, talk more, ask questions, keep notes on the crazy things they say, hug, kiss a lot, play games, cook together or whatever your family does! They grow up fast – I see that just from my friends children, they drive get jobs spend time with friends and not long before they have families of their own. Yes I’m that photographer that hands down always cries at the mother son dance at the weddings I photograph. I picture my self as the mother and its all down hill after that. Even my big camera can hide my ugly cry.

All this reminded me of one of my latest sessions when Kelly contacted me for Christians 2 year session, she wanted it to be fun, him being him, in action, not stuffy, super fake smiles but real clean (messy) fun, and fun it was. She chose an ice cream theme and we even got a few maternity shots because Kelly is expecting! (Yay) You can appreciate the powerful reminder of the inevitable passage of our time as active parents by reading that number above. Remember to have fun. So Nine hundred and forty Saturdays. One of them is tomorrow. So, what are you doing this weekend? Need some ideas? Check out the links at the end of this post!

Enjoy a few images of Christians Ice cream session!

Messy Ice cream photo session Birmingham Michigan


Messy Ice cream photo sessionFamily Photo Session Birmingham Michigan

Birmingham Michigan photographer

Messy Ice cream photo session

Birmingham Michigan Photographer

Maternity Birmingham Michigan photographer


mother and son maternity sibling photography


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