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Don’t goooooooooooooooooo!

I met Jamie and her adorable family about 1.5 years ago. Yep she looks like more of their sister but she’s the awesome wife to Conrad and incredible mom to 4 yes 4 kiddos… Kylie, Reese, Nixon and baby Crew. (look at her body – how is that possible????)

Her hubby just graduated med school and his residency is over. So off to Texas they go – and since I haven’t been to Texas, I will be coming to visit!

I will certainly miss our photo sessions- her kids are beyond behaved. Seriously! They show so much affection for each other and it melts my heart. I have never heard Jamie raise her voice or even have to bribe the kids at any of our 3 sessions. They are just that good of a bunch.

The oldest Kylie is like the mini mom, next is Reese who is so mild tempered and just the sweetest soul. Now on to Nixon, few fun facts 1. he’s already a stud, just look at him! 2.When we first met at their first session he DID NOT want to take pics. 3.Now that they are leaving he was an angel at the session (really Nixon??, now you let me take your pics)

And last but not least youngest Crew. He is super fun and a blast to run after at our sessions.

All seriousness Jamie I will certainly miss our sessions but thankfully with social media I can continue to see your family thrive and grow, I will miss you guys!

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