Why have an engagement photo session? Royal Oak Michigan Photographer

Why have an engagement photo session? Royal Oak Michigan Photographer

Why do an engagement session????????

Who doesn’t love new pics of themselves & their new fiancé?Pics for Facebook profile or to display on your wedding day or maybe for your a save the date- These are all good reasons as to why you might do an engagement session. But I  tend to look at an engagement session in a different way…

I make sure to include engagement sessions in my wedding packages because I feel so strongly for this time together  We get to know each other you two as a couple and me as your photographer and also it is also great to get to know how I work the session. This is an awesome time for you to warm up to your wedding day because by then … you will be professionals! And because of the tight schedule of weddings – on your big day you will be comfortable in front of the camera by then!

We can come up with awesome details to prepare for your engagement session like is it fun/playful like a fair? or country farm? or urban feel like the city? To understand you need to y think about what you two love to do- If you love to go wine tasting, maybe an engagement session at a vineyard? Or if you love football, why not have half the session take place in a stadium or play on the field? Or are you coffee lovers? Maybe a Starbucks or at your favorite coffee joint? It’s ok to think outside of the box but we also need to speak to who you two are as a couple… But the next big question is what to wear right?…. check out the next blog post on that!

What funs ideas do you have for your engagement session?

Happy Monday XOXO


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