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Have you ever considered doing a “First Look” on your wedding day? I know … it is totally against tradition. This generation is totally taking the world and changing it! I must admit at first I wasn’t sure about this, but after reading about it and hearing of from a few brides I must say it something that you should definitely consider.

If you are not familiar with what a “First Look” is like I wasn’t until Pintrest , then I hope this explains it for you!

Here it goes…

The groom will stand facing in the opposite direction the bride is coming. The bride will come  across the field … room … porch … beach … whatever location it takes place … and when she approaches him, she taps him on the shoulder to give him a sign to turn around. And that is when emotions are at the highest which makes for absolutely wonderful moments to capture!!!! Now, every bride and groom react differently for their first looks. There are those who cannot help but cry then some full of excitement and cannot help but to smile and laugh! The personality of the bride and groom cant help but shine in these portraits! I think such a cute idea –I’m sure you can totally tell when the groom is nervous, so it’s a must to capture this as his bride is on her way!

I think one of the most important things about this moment is that it stays secluded! I believe to capture the most genuine moments of this first look, it should just be the bride and groom.

Since the First Look happens before the ceremony, time definitely needs to be budgeted and planned beforehand. So doing a first look and having that amount of set time with no pressure of guests and family will expand your wedding photography and the outcome greatly.

Three of the most important benefits I see of doing a “First Look”

 1. Not missing out on mingling or the cocktail hour- If you choose to not see each other before the ceremony you will only get pre shots of the guys and girls done in individual their groups. Choosing to do  the ‘First Look”- 30 minutes or so before the ceremony will free up some time for the most important bride & groom portraits and once your done you don’t have to miss out of mingling with your guest at the reception just a few shots of the whole bridal party will do because the couple shots have been taken! And the awesome candid shots will be plenty!

2.Control- First looks can be done where you choose. You have the options to determine the scene, the energy, the level of intimacy.

3.More Time- You have about a minute to walk down the aisle and try to soak up you seeing him and him seeing you – But with the “First Look”  You are able to relish the moment, stop and enjoy those emotions, and most importantly you two not worrying about showing too much and trying to hold back emotions for the sake of your guest. Him saying “You look beautiful”, Oh my goodness we’re getting married”, “It’s finally here, our wedding” …that’s priceless and you can;t get that at the ceremony. Plus you’re more relaxed!

Have you thought about incorporating a “First Look” on your day?

Check out these articles about a “First Look” session from actual brides and more here &  here!


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High School Senior Photographer |Birmingham, Michigan


Goodness its been  awhile- 5 months to be exact. I know it’s not a good reason however I’ve been extremely (and that’s an understatement) busy this past summer and fall and even now winter but I am not complaining! Photographing so many awesome people these past few months have been great and I’m excited for what has been booked so far in 2014! So please forgive me blog world. I will make sure I start posting my sessions more often on the blog opposed to just updating my Facebook  page as well as my Instagram! (EricaCrosbyPhotos) Below check out the just a few of what I’ve photographed in the past weeks which are also on the Facebook page. More to come….

High school photo shoot photography session Birmingham Michigan Photographergirls2family


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Family and Maternity Photographer|Birmingham Michigan

Family and Maternity Photographer|Birmingham Michigan

I love being a photographer, I had such a good afternoon in Birmingham MI photographing the lovely, glowing Sara for her maternity session with hubby Scott and doll of a daughter Stella. It was a clear day then as soon as our scheduled session time arrived – the rain, But we waited it out and stuck around in our cars for a few minutes and Ahhhhhh- stopped-eventually! Nonetheless the images came out spectacular of me capturing Miss (Big Sister to be) Stella loving her parents and awaiting the arrival of her new baby brother……..just see below and also check Maternity Collection

Picture of a family photos session captured by photographer in Birmingham MI

Family session on location at Booth Park in Birmingham MI

  preggo 030   preggo 034

Maternity Photographer Birmingham MI

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What should I wear for my photos?” I hear that question for almost every session! I offer different guides on clothing choices for high school seniors, child and family portraits to help them create the best look to suit their personalities. Today, I wanted to share a few ideas of inspiration for everyone. Family portraits which could be one of the the hardest times to coordinate clothing. Hopefully this information will make it super easy to pick your clothing!


For some visual inspiration, take a look at the outfits paired together below. If you have any questions about preparing for your portrait session let me know — we can work together to find clothing that your family looks their best in while being comfortable to create beautiful portraits.


Layering clothing is a fun way to add dimension and texture. Layering also works well to achieve multiple outfits in one session. You can add or remove pieces without doing a full clothing change! And don’t forget the accessories, they bring a look together. Use one or two accessories per person to complete an outfit and make it look polished.


I’m not talking matchy white shirts and jeans or navy polos and khakis, I want your family’s personality to show through in non-uniform and fun clothing choices! How? Pretend like you are creating one large outfit instead of trying to pair multiple outfits together. As silly as it sounds, imagine that all your clothing choices were somehow for one person. If that leaves you stumped, pick a patterned item for one person in your family (say a polka dot dress for your daughter) then select the rest of the family’s clothing from the colors within that first outfit.



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Senior Photographer Royal Oak MI

Senior Photographer Royal Oak MI

As a senior photographer I usually I show up to a  photo session with a million props but this time, Royal Oak High School Senior Blake had it all! Basketball, Running gear, Football, Cap and gown, Homecoming sash, ribbons and more. Seriously this is one busy student. We had a great photography session and mom Jacki has so much to be proud of! It was hard not to smile throughout the whole session with these two. We had a blast. Congrats to you Blake -2013 graduate! Checkout just a few sneak peaks of his shoot below.

High School Senior Photographer Royal Oak MI

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