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Brides to Be Wedding show Expo Fern Hill Gold Club Clinton Township Michigan Photographer.

I had the privilege of being apart of this event, held by Brides to Be, this past Sunday along with several other vendors.  I’m so happy how my table turned out since this was my first time putting something like this together other than the High School show I participated in over a year ago. I started brainstorming (especially the day before), my head was filled with ideas- soon, I had a full table of little details that really speaks to my branding of “Simple, Modern, Classic. ”

It was so great talking and hanging out with the other vendors at the event! I love networking and making new connections   And of course, I’m so appreciative my good friend Krystal came along with me to help at my crowded table!

I’m so happy the snow decide to hold off until the show concluded, I met so many soon to  be brides and I am more thrilled I received 12 inquiries the next day for weddings!


Bridal Show Expo table set up ideas

The night before I gathered all of my materials to make sure everything was perfect even doing a mock set up on my dining room table. I set up all the frames & business cards to make sure I liked the way everything looked. It made it exrremely easy to get set up once I arrived at the  Fern Hill Gold Club. I tell you, it was a breeze! We were all ready and set before it started!

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DIY Polka Dot Wedding Veil Headpiece

This is one of the many wedding DIY projects I absolutely love and I’ve linked it from Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog. I can’t tell you how much I love this website and so wish it was around when I planned my wedding 10 years ago! Check out the easy photo tutorial below.


Making your own veil is so easy to do and it’s a beautiful way to add something personal to your wedding ceremony. And if you are not exactly graceful with a needle and thread, this is one of the most forgiving projects you will find because messy stitches are hidden among the tulle and ruffles –  one of the contributors from Green Wedding shoes, Christy shared the DIY of One Handspun Day




Materials Needed:
• Tulle
• Thread & Needle
• Scissors
• Acrylic Paint
• Pencil (eraser end)
• Wax Paper

Step One: Stamp Dots onto Tulle
Cover your workstation with wax paper and tape the corners to secure. Spread your tulle over the wax paper and secure as well. Use the acrylic paint and eraser end of your pencil to stamp dots onto the tulle. I spaced my dots approximately 1 inch apart and staggered the rows half an inch (you can place a ruler below the area you are stamping if the thought of eyeballing it makes you queasy). After you stamp each dot, allow the tulle to lift up from the wax paper so the paint does not sit between the spaces of the tulle and dry into solid dots. You just want the paint to dry on the tulle itself so you can still see through fabric when you hold it up.


Step Two: Cut Tulle
Once you have finished covering the tulle in dots allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes. Then cut down to size (mine was approximately 12″ long and 24″ wide). I wanted to give mine a little bit more personality, so I added a scalloped edge to one of the long sides.


Step Three: Sew Veil onto Comb Sew one of the long sides of the tulle using a running stitch (approximately ¼” space between stitches). Pull one end of the thread and push the tulle with your other hand to gather the fabric into a slight ruffle. Secure the end of the thread to keep the ruffle in place. Sew the ruffle onto your hair comb, creating pleats as needed, so the entire ruffle ends up fitting onto the comb by the time you reach the end. Tie off your thread and make sure it is secure.

Once your veil is finished you can add embellishments such as feathers, flowers, brooches or jewels to the comb so that it coordinates with the style of your dress!


DIY created by Christy of One Handspun Day exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Check out more of her designs at One Handspun Day! Finished veil photos thanks to S’Wonderful Photography.


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Why have an engagement photo session? Royal Oak Michigan Photographer

Why do an engagement session????????

Who doesn’t love new pics of themselves & their new fiancé?Pics for Facebook profile or to display on your wedding day or maybe for your a save the date- These are all good reasons as to why you might do an engagement session. But I  tend to look at an engagement session in a different way…

I make sure to include engagement sessions in my wedding packages because I feel so strongly for this time together  We get to know each other you two as a couple and me as your photographer and also it is also great to get to know how I work the session. This is an awesome time for you to warm up to your wedding day because by then … you will be professionals! And because of the tight schedule of weddings – on your big day you will be comfortable in front of the camera by then!

We can come up with awesome details to prepare for your engagement session like is it fun/playful like a fair? or country farm? or urban feel like the city? To understand you need to y think about what you two love to do- If you love to go wine tasting, maybe an engagement session at a vineyard? Or if you love football, why not have half the session take place in a stadium or play on the field? Or are you coffee lovers? Maybe a Starbucks or at your favorite coffee joint? It’s ok to think outside of the box but we also need to speak to who you two are as a couple… But the next big question is what to wear right?…. check out the next blog post on that!

What funs ideas do you have for your engagement session?

Happy Monday XOXO


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First Look Michigan Wedding Photographer

Have you ever considered doing a “First Look” on your wedding day? I know … it is totally against tradition. This generation is totally taking the world and changing it! I must admit at first I wasn’t sure about this, but after reading about it and hearing of from a few brides I must say it something that you should definitely consider.

If you are not familiar with what a “First Look” is like I wasn’t until Pintrest , then I hope this explains it for you!

Here it goes…

The groom will stand facing in the opposite direction the bride is coming. The bride will come  across the field … room … porch … beach … whatever location it takes place … and when she approaches him, she taps him on the shoulder to give him a sign to turn around. And that is when emotions are at the highest which makes for absolutely wonderful moments to capture!!!! Now, every bride and groom react differently for their first looks. There are those who cannot help but cry then some full of excitement and cannot help but to smile and laugh! The personality of the bride and groom cant help but shine in these portraits! I think such a cute idea –I’m sure you can totally tell when the groom is nervous, so it’s a must to capture this as his bride is on her way!

I think one of the most important things about this moment is that it stays secluded! I believe to capture the most genuine moments of this first look, it should just be the bride and groom.

Since the First Look happens before the ceremony, time definitely needs to be budgeted and planned beforehand. So doing a first look and having that amount of set time with no pressure of guests and family will expand your wedding photography and the outcome greatly.

Three of the most important benefits I see of doing a “First Look”

 1. Not missing out on mingling or the cocktail hour- If you choose to not see each other before the ceremony you will only get pre shots of the guys and girls done in individual their groups. Choosing to do  the ‘First Look”- 30 minutes or so before the ceremony will free up some time for the most important bride & groom portraits and once your done you don’t have to miss out of mingling with your guest at the reception just a few shots of the whole bridal party will do because the couple shots have been taken! And the awesome candid shots will be plenty!

2.Control- First looks can be done where you choose. You have the options to determine the scene, the energy, the level of intimacy.

3.More Time- You have about a minute to walk down the aisle and try to soak up you seeing him and him seeing you – But with the “First Look”  You are able to relish the moment, stop and enjoy those emotions, and most importantly you two not worrying about showing too much and trying to hold back emotions for the sake of your guest. Him saying “You look beautiful”, Oh my goodness we’re getting married”, “It’s finally here, our wedding” …that’s priceless and you can;t get that at the ceremony. Plus you’re more relaxed!

Have you thought about incorporating a “First Look” on your day?

Check out these articles about a “First Look” session from actual brides and more here &  here!


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High School Senior Photographer |Birmingham, Michigan


Goodness its been  awhile- 5 months to be exact. I know it’s not a good reason however I’ve been extremely (and that’s an understatement) busy this past summer and fall and even now winter but I am not complaining! Photographing so many awesome people these past few months have been great and I’m excited for what has been booked so far in 2014! So please forgive me blog world. I will make sure I start posting my sessions more often on the blog opposed to just updating my Facebook  page as well as my Instagram! (EricaCrosbyPhotos) Below check out the just a few of what I’ve photographed in the past weeks which are also on the Facebook page. More to come….

High school photo shoot photography session Birmingham Michigan Photographergirls2family


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