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Royal Oak, Michigan Photographer | New Photography Logo, Website & Packaging!

I am so eager to share my new look for ECP.

A few months I’ve been so busy truly settling on what Erica Crosby Photography stands for- and the look and experience I want my clients to feel when they book with me- it is truly not just a booking but an experience.

And soon it clicked- Simple Classic Organic Boutique Photography. No frills no gimmicks. The color and logo is a part of and how I feel- romantic, girly, dainty and elegant- the way I want my clients to feel,—-simply just feel like you, the real you.

Again, no gimmicks or crazy photoshopping here. The way things truly are and were- be it your Wedding, Maternity session or newborn session. Thats how I want it to be remembered.

I cannot explain how much thought has gone into this seeming little logo and branding package but I wanted it to truly embody Erica Crosby Photography.

This is just a sneak peak as there are so many new details and facets of the new website for Please also be patient with me as new collections are being added to the website!

Erica Crosby Photography New client packaging and branding Royal Oak MI Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Erica Crosby Photography New client packaging and branding Royal Oak MI Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Erica Crosby Photography New client packaging and branding Royal Oak MI Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Erica Crosby Photography New client packaging and branding Royal Oak MI Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Erica Crosby Photography New client packaging and branding Royal Oak MI Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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How many photos do I get?

Wedding Photographer|Metro Detroit Michigan

This is a question I get asked a lot- The answer is that it really varies quite a bit, depending on how long we’re there, the travel time involved during a wedding day, if there are lots of details to photograph, and numerous other factors. I can explain things a little bit more…

Number 1- My goal is to tell your story as it unfold. This means the bride is getting her finishing touches done, getting her dress on, mom & the girls helping. We’re at a wedding throughout the day, and we get photos of the groom getting ready, the first look (if there is one) the wedding party, the ceremony, bride & groom photos, family photos, and the reception.

When that day is over, my main focus is that the images really do tell the story of the wedding in a creative and authentic way. Also remember photographers who care about your experience with their photos- they’ll edit out the technically bad ones (focus, exposure, etc.), the visually bad ones (closed eyes, bad expressions and unwanted gestures) and the just plan boring ones. I feel that the quality of images is better than quantity. Since my goal is really tell the story, I don’t actually focus on the number of images or and hit a quota of photographs so to speak – That said, I’ve found that I generally give around 75 images per hour of shooting. If you have a pretty typical wedding (between 7 to 9 hours of photography) you’ll probably end up with between 500-700 images.

Again, this varies so much from wedding to wedding, and you have to keep in mind some weddings are traditional some not, some have a full program and again some don’t have any more than the first dance, cake cutting and guest dancing. All this depends of just how many different moments I need to be ready for. Just know – no matter what, you can be sure you’ll end up with of amazing images that tell your unique wedding day story-


Wedding Photographer Metro Detroit Michigan

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Downtown Detroit Engagement Photography|Detroit Michigan

Dear blog world…meet the adorable Jake & Ashley – We had so much fun running around Downtown Detroit during their engagement shoot. Jake is a Paramedic & Ashley is a nurse so not only are they totally caring individuals but you can totally tell they are in love. This engagement session is full of kisses – LOVE IT! These guys will be getting married January of 2015. I’m really looking forward to their wedding.




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I just painted our bedroom a pale blue and put up a really cool antlers that look so anthropologie in white on our wall and it got me to thinking, do people ever incorporate antler into their wedding themes???? And thanks to google… I see they certainly do, I really loved the clay antler/steer skull escort/table cards that I found on this here! What I love most is that you can spin this into almost any theme (flowers, hearts, leaves, initials)and the materials are so cheap this would be a awesome favor and keepsake for any wedding or baby shower.  Check it out below!



You can make any shape, creature, or icon for this DIY. But for this tutorial, we will be following along for the steer skull.



• Sculpey Clay
• Clay Sculpting tool pack
• Paint colors of your choice
• Paint Brush
• Kneaded Eraser
• Tags –
• Hemp or Twine
Step one: Cut a small square (3 in x 2 in x 1in) from your clay and begin to knead this in your hands until soft.

Step two: Look at your image you want to re-create and make the basic shape. I started by making a large oval-shaped base for the skull. Cut off a part of the top and save for the horns later.


Step three: Begin to shape the skull by elongating the skull, and by flattening the top of the head. Grab some of your sculpting tools now; like the circular ring and a wooden stick knife


Step four: Here is where it takes some getting use to, and practice! Mess up? No big deal. Roll the clay into a ball and start over. This clay doesn’t set until it’s baked in the oven.

So. Start by taking the circular ring tool and scooping out some eye sockets for your steer. I think making deep impressions helps it become more realistic.


Step Five: Look at some of the skull attributes in your image – and try to replicate that. I raised the edges around the eye to make it more realistic, and then added some holes around the bridge of the nose.

Also start carving out two parallel lines on the nose down to the mouth. This will serve as the steer’s mouth area. Make sure to puncture all the way through to the other side (this is where you will string your hemp through for the tag).

You can also make deeper cavities in the mouth area so it looks more realistic.

Once you’ve played around with the characteristic of your steer skull and are happy with it, start by measuring out your horn from your clay we set aside earlier. I rolled mine out into a long tube, and then thinned out the edges so were sharper-looking like real horns. Then place them above the skull to see if it needs to be shorter or longer.


Step Six: Place the horns against the skull, and cut the middle part away so that the horns are just on either side. Then, begin smoothing them onto the sides of the steer skull head so that when they are joined together – there aren’t any seams. Swing your horns up and finish smoothing out tips.


Now you’ll need to cut out some twine and tag your skull! Then follow the box instructions and bake to set.


Original post found here.

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Brides to Be Wedding show Expo Fern Hill Gold Club Clinton Township Michigan Photographer.

I had the privilege of being apart of this event, held by Brides to Be, this past Sunday along with several other vendors.  I’m so happy how my table turned out since this was my first time putting something like this together other than the High School show I participated in over a year ago. I started brainstorming (especially the day before), my head was filled with ideas- soon, I had a full table of little details that really speaks to my branding of “Simple, Modern, Classic. ”

It was so great talking and hanging out with the other vendors at the event! I love networking and making new connections   And of course, I’m so appreciative my good friend Krystal came along with me to help at my crowded table!

I’m so happy the snow decide to hold off until the show concluded, I met so many soon to  be brides and I am more thrilled I received 12 inquiries the next day for weddings!


Bridal Show Expo table set up ideas

The night before I gathered all of my materials to make sure everything was perfect even doing a mock set up on my dining room table. I set up all the frames & business cards to make sure I liked the way everything looked. It made it exrremely easy to get set up once I arrived at the  Fern Hill Gold Club. I tell you, it was a breeze! We were all ready and set before it started!

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