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Don’t goooooooooooooooooo!

I met Jamie and her adorable family about 1.5 years ago. Yep she looks like more of their sister but she’s the awesome wife to Conrad and incredible mom to 4 yes 4 kiddos… Kylie, Reese, Nixon and baby Crew. (look at her body – how is that possible????)

Her hubby just graduated med school and his residency is over. So off to Texas they go – and since I haven’t been to Texas, I will be coming to visit!

I will certainly miss our photo sessions- her kids are beyond behaved. Seriously! They show so much affection for each other and it melts my heart. I have never heard Jamie raise her voice or even have to bribe the kids at any of our 3 sessions. They are just that good of a bunch.

The oldest Kylie is like the mini mom, next is Reese who is so mild tempered and just the sweetest soul. Now on to Nixon, few fun facts 1. he’s already a stud, just look at him! 2.When we first met at their first session he DID NOT want to take pics. 3.Now that they are leaving he was an angel at the session (really Nixon??, now you let me take your pics)

And last but not least youngest Crew. He is super fun and a blast to run after at our sessions.

All seriousness Jamie I will certainly miss our sessions but thankfully with social media I can continue to see your family thrive and grow, I will miss you guys!

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A few years now I’ve wanted to create a promo video but I never made the actual move. Over the last few years I’ve worked with a ton of videographers at weddings and actually spoke to each of them about what I wanted to do, received their fess but never made the move.  Something was missing and if you asked what I still couldn’t tell you. About a year ago I got to work with an amazing cinematographer Spencer and after seeing his work I knew one day  I would invest into his brilliance. I was sold a while ago so after eventually chatting with him about my vision and his process just solidified my decision.

There are many reasons why I thought I wanted a promo video, so my potential clients could hear all the good things my prior clients had to say about me through interview, or so they could see the equipment I use and how much I’ve spent investing into my business, or maybe they could see awesome stills integrated into the  video that yours truly shot, or maybe  I could have a segment speaking to the camera about how much  I’d love to be hired as your photographer and the deep passion for photography I have or maybe too  so they could finally meet me – the person behind the camera.

And all these reasons my friends, are why I’m soooo happy  I did not shoot my promo video when I first decided to.

Let me ask you a few questions.

During commercials for law firms when you hear the interview of a hit and run client and them telling you how much that lawyer did for them and the amount they won does that make you want to hire them? Or seeing my equipment – does that make you want to hire me because I own a $3000 lens? Wait maybe you would hire me because I’m all done up (which never happens) – hair and makeup with a freshly ironed top sitting so eloquently in a pretty space expressing how much I love photography and the joy it brings me- Well isn’t that a given that I somewhat enjoy photography? Lol I mean really hearing it from my mouth will make you hire me? I don’t think so. So guess what I took another approach and to me, its what it  all boils down to- my work.

Some may think – Your promo video doesn’t highlight you Erica. Exactly. I’m not a salesman- (or saleswoman lol) never have been never will be. After viewing my website a potential client knows if I’m there style or not, after a consultation they know if they either like me or not.

This video is to merely show you my style & my clients, its not highlight my best side on camera, or me to speak to your heart about my inner most thoughts on photography.

This video will allow potential clients to really get to know me in a way that words and images cannot convey- through my clients . Them having fun, them being gently guided into posing,  being themselves.

I do not want you to hire me a through a rehearsed thought on camera, I want real client referrals those when I’m not aware of the conversation. Candid thoughts through from real clients. This session –  was a real engagement session, no paid actors here. A concept produced like always with mine & the clients input.

Please enjoy  these images created from this session and the promo video is below!

Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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Detroit Lifestyle Engagement photography


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I first photographed Amelia when she was 6 months old and you wouldn’t think anything differently of this lil babycakes expect for how great of a baby she was, I mean omg, she never cried or fussed throughout our session, she was the most easy going baby I think I’ve ever met, and her mom Stacy told me about a condition she had that I actually never heard of. Here’s her story to bring awareness to her condition and show you just how amazing this little girl is! At the end of the story enjoy the images from our last session.

Amelia was born on October 23rd, 2015 at 2:54 am weighing a healthy 7lbs 4oz. Shortly after being born Amelia passed the meconium stool within the 24 hours shortly after being born which all healthy babies pass. Within hours Amelia started vomiting bright green which we weren’t sure why. She was then was sent to the NICU to be closely monitored.

back on October 30th Amelia was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease. After finding out that Amelia had this condition she then was required her to have surgery which occurred on November 2nd which she was placed under anesthesia and during the surgery they took biopsies of her colon to figure out where she was missing ganglion cells which help move things through. Half way through the surgery Dr. Novtony came out and explained to us that they were pretty far up in colon and the biopsies showed no nerves (ganglion cells).

They disconnected her colon from her small intestines and pulled her small intestines through her stomach creating a stoma which is called an ileostomy on the right side of her abdomen which she would stool out of. That day was not what we expected and to be 100% sure her colon didn’t have nerves (ganglion cells) they sent the biopsies to Cincinnati to have their pathologist review. On November 10th the results from Cincinnati came back and confirmed that Amelia has Total Colonic Hirschsprung’s (TCH) which meant her whole entire colon didn’t have ganglion cells throughout her colon. Amelia would have her colon removed within a year and have the small intestines pulled down to her rectum which is called the “pull -through procedure” meanwhile she has an ileostomy which requires her to have a bag like a colostomy bag.
We have a homecare RN two times a week. We’ve had a lot of follow up appointments with her condition but overall she’s healthy and happy . But in more recent news  Amelia had her last surgery on June 3 and is doing great!!!!!


1 year photography session

1 year photography session1 year photography photo session1 year photography1 year photography session

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940 Saturdays …

That cant be right, I never did the math but someone on Pinterest did and that number low as it seems to have surprised me.

940 Saturdays is what you get from the time your child is born until they turn 18. Those 3 digits resonated with me… MAKE THE MOMENTS COUNT. Be together, get messy, have fun, talk, talk more, ask questions, keep notes on the crazy things they say, hug, kiss a lot, play games, cook together or whatever your family does! They grow up fast – I see that just from my friends children, they drive get jobs spend time with friends and not long before they have families of their own. Yes I’m that photographer that hands down always cries at the mother son dance at the weddings I photograph. I picture my self as the mother and its all down hill after that. Even my big camera can hide my ugly cry.

All this reminded me of one of my latest sessions when Kelly contacted me for Christians 2 year session, she wanted it to be fun, him being him, in action, not stuffy, super fake smiles but real clean (messy) fun, and fun it was. She chose an ice cream theme and we even got a few maternity shots because Kelly is expecting! (Yay) You can appreciate the powerful reminder of the inevitable passage of our time as active parents by reading that number above. Remember to have fun. So Nine hundred and forty Saturdays. One of them is tomorrow. So, what are you doing this weekend? Need some ideas? Check out the links at the end of this post!

Enjoy a few images of Christians Ice cream session!

Messy Ice cream photo session Birmingham Michigan


Messy Ice cream photo sessionFamily Photo Session Birmingham Michigan

Birmingham Michigan photographer

Messy Ice cream photo session

Birmingham Michigan Photographer

Maternity Birmingham Michigan photographer


mother and son maternity sibling photography


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Oh Anna, you’re 2 today! When my clients children get older I feel just like I do when my little one get older- kinda sad. I remember taking Ryan & Jamie’s Maternity session, newborn session, Anna’s 6 months session, 1 year session and now she’s 2! (insert sad face here)

But this session is a bit different, Ryan’s serving nearly a year long deployment flying helicopters in Afghanistan. This is his third deployment but first as a dad.

I’m sure its not easy for Jamie to have her husband gone while taking care of things. I know its a struggle for him to be gone for many months at a time.

While Ryan is gone – just as its hard on Jamie its just as hard for Ryan- he misses the small things that others take for granted – Anna touching his face with those soft little fingers, placing her head on his chest, and just seeing those big blue eyes stare at him. I tried to not guide Anna too much during here session but just give Ryan a normal day in the life with his big 2 year old! See you this fall Ryan!



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